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My Best Of 2012


You know what they say: opinions are like a@# holes, everyone has one. I wouldn’t think of trying to argue with such a profound thought but I do want to share my own personal “best of” list for 2012. Google once again asserted themselves and wiped out a lot of affiliates in the process. The [...]



Step 0 is desire. Step 0 is coming to grips with YOUR desire for success. The sad thing is that for all the challenges of getting to step 0 – you aren’t even at the start of the game. Desire only gets you to the starting line. Success is about work. The guru can show [...]



You’ve probably heard of Eric Thomas, the “Hip Hop Preacher”. The video of his talk to a group of Michigan State kids “How Bad Do You Want It” went viral on You Tube and launched Eric into the A list self-help and motivational speaking circuit. The speech has been copied, shared, tweeted, liked, and posted [...]