Microsoft Entering The Flog Space?

martha_flogadIt all started innocently enough… i was reading Aaron Greenspan’s post on where he talks about how he sued Google and won. It was a fun, feel good post about a little guy (ok, he’s a corporate CEO but it’s a small company) taking on an evil corporate monopoly and winning.

At the bottom of the page was a medium box Adwords ad about stay at home mom Marla and how she was able to $3500 from home with a simple 2 step plan.

Now if that’s not compelling I don’t know what is so I clicked the ad… Hey, I figured my wife was doing so well on her Acai + ColonCleanse regimen if we could strike gold a second time we’d be able to fund our own stimulus package.

Along the way this led me straight to Redmond and if you want to know more…

You’ll be shocked to know that Marla is a flogette – a stock photo image that looks enough like a cross between Diane Sawyer and Martha Stewart that I hypnotically whip out my wallet and buy whatever she is promoting.

You’re see more and more of these flogs. They started with the Acai offers and as traffic has started to wane and the diet trend is slowing down for the year it only makes sense for the CPA marketers to shift their efforts to promoting other stuff. Like work at home…

Let’s face it – the economy sucks right now. And in a tough economic climate there is nothing better to sell than “how to make money” products. In fact, you can sell a SHIT LOAD of “how to make money” products – even expensive ones – in hard times. That’s psychology for you. NOTE: you can also sell a lot of commemorative Obama coins specially minted for the Innaugural that come with a certificate of orginality.

So there is no surprise to see a work from home flog. In fact, I expect to see a lot of them in the coming days and weeks.

But what does this have to do with Microsoft? Well, take a look at this:

How the hell does “Marla’s” make it onto the same server as

There are three reasons why this would happen:

  1. it’s a mistake in the reverse IP lookup tool
  2. Microsoft is getting into the flog business
  3. Marla is really smart and found a way to leech authority

Let’s face it, #1 is no fun. No fun at all. What fun is viral marketing a mistake?

#2 is unlikely but would be a really good story. Come on, can’t you see some underpaid Remond-ite reading Howie Schwartz and Keith Baxter late at night and deciding that since they’ll never have their own MS retirement party the fastest route to c-a-s-h is to host a tiny little site in the datacenter. Nobody will notice…

#3 is probably what happened. It’s fun too. Marla has found a way around the whole bad neighborhood thing and decided that a shared server “hosting” a real honest to goodness authority is “a good thing.”

There is of course another option – is really hosted on some $200/month 1&1 hosting rack somewhere.

WHATEVER the truth is here’s what you need to do

  • Figure out how you can JUMP onto this flog bandwagon and still sleep at night. This layout style converts like crazy and you need to ride these things while the going is good.

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