US Government Agrees With Me About Niches!

Note: I’ve been busy lately creating a new version of the 0toCash blog and finishing up a series of reports (free) on “money models” for subscribers. So here I am tweaking and changing my local copy of the site here and I come across a bunch of “draft” posts… Posts that I wrote and didn’t edit, or didn’t finish or just never pressed the “publish” button. Below is one of them. And it’s about my favorite marketing time of the year – New Year’s.  Enjoy…

Good affiliate marketers rejoice come Labor Day (that’s the first Monday in September for you folks not in the US)… why?

It’s the start of the holiday season. That beautiful time of the year when people open their wallets a bit wider than normal and buy all sorts of stuff online and off.

Brick and mortar stores look forward to “Black Friday” and of late e-ecommerce vendors count the days until Cyber Monday. Both of these are great days to cash in on your efforts as an affiliate marketer but they pale in comparision to another day…

New Year’s.

I couldn’t say this any better than smaxor did last year…

There are two things that make the New Year a fantastic time for affiliate marketing

  1. All the brand advertisers that were buying and bidding up prices leave the market place. So reps for ad companies actually want to talk with us again and have time for us affiliates.
  2. New years resolutions. It’s a new year everyone wants to stop what they’re doing and start doing something better.

If you doubt that New Year’s resolutions are prime hunting ground for niche affiliate marketing, get this.


Here’s the US Government’s list of top New Year’s Resolutions. Complete with links to (mostly) public domain content you can use and refer to:

Look familiar?
Pretty much this is a who’s who list of information product niches…
and their interest peaks around January 1.

Imagine that…

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